AS/RS Operations Around the U.S.

We are a service provider specializing in the efficiency and longevity of Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), primarily Storage Retrieval Machines (SRM), through our 4TIER program.

Family Owned and Operated, Setting the Standard in Automation Provisions

Our recommended 4TIER system includes an assessment, routine preventative maintenance inspections, training, and on-demand maintenance service. Our expert SRM technicians, with over 25 years of experience, will ensure your AS/RS operates at peak efficiency with the understanding and knowledge to sustain your system’s performance.

Preventive Maintenance Inspection

This approach not only ensures consistent efficiency but also reduces the risks associated with downtime and expensive repairs.

Residential Support

One of our expert technicians will travel to your site, ensuring that the support is contextual and relevant to your specific AS/RS setup.

Corrective Maintenance

AS/RS corrective maintenance is a partnership, where we ensure the seamless functioning of your AS/RS.

On-Demand Maintenance

Designed to work seamlessly alongside any existing service agreements with 4TIER Solutions or other providers.